Opportunity Knocking

River Sentinels at Brunswick Point, Ladner, British Columbia :: Flyfishers' Arte & Publishing

Home Waters … photo : Richard Mayer © 2012

EVER WONDER WHO COINED THAT FAMOUS TWO-WORD PHRASE? As a visual analogy, imagine that moment in time when you hear a knock on your door… without a peep hole to see who’s there, you have no idea who or what might greet you when you open the door. Opportunity is a bit like that… some times we get a sneak peek, some times we don’t.

It also works both ways… ‘opportunity knocking’ is a way to reach out into the unknown and have good fortune returned because you know it will happen. Trust me… it’s one of those ‘bin there, done that’ experiences!

Flyfishers’ Arte & Publishing has always been, and always will be, open-minded when we hear the knock. Conversely, when we ‘knock on your door’, we hope you will find what we have to offer to be unique and collectible.

Key Opportunities…

The primary focus of Flyfishers’ Arte & Publishing is unique fly fishing arte and collectibles. We specialise in the purveying of…

  • creativity
  • marketing
  • web site design
  • print communications
  • photo-arte
  • posters and calendars
  • greeting and specialty cards
  • books and periodicals
  • special publications
  • limited edition arte prints
  • original works of arte

If you have something else in mind… please let me know!

Richard J. Mayer, AScT
Owner & Publisher

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