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Richard MayerEVERY ONCE IN A WHILE opportunities come along in life where we can choose which ‘Y‘ in the road we’d like to follow, and follow it with a passion. For myself… fly fishing, and all that goes with it, was one of those opportunities in 1980.

From the first moment I was ‘smitten’, fly fishing forever changed my life. It continues to present newer and greater opportunities; at times, I feel somebody should pinch me. Am I dreaming?

A close friend of some 40+ years once said to me many, many years back… “Follow your dreams. One day you will ‘wake up’ and know how to live your dreams.” Back then I didn’t comprehend the real truth behind the wisdom of my friend’s sage advice, but now I know… with the right mindset, your dreams can become reality, day-to-day, and not just remain some ‘idea’ inside your head!

Equally fortunate, I have many dear to my heart to share my fly fishing passion with… friends, clients, business associates plus casual acquaintances; and then there’s Kevin, my son. If there was anyone who could take me and my passion to the next level, it was him.

It was with regrets in 2006 that I took the Flyfishers’ Arte web site offline until I had time to grow and maintain this enterprise, thus the site. It appears that opportunity is knocking – again – as the issues that were around in the late 80s and early 90s when I was ‘in service’ to BC’s fly fishing community, are morphing into very serious threats with dire consequences that will impact forever, on what we love and hold dear as the passion we share in the pursuit of liquid silver… fish of all manner of persuasion!

With this ‘knock, knock’… now is always the time to re-engage!

Tight lines…

Richard J. Mayer, AScT
Owner & Publisher

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